FluoTRAM: Fluorescence-detected Transient Absorption Microscopy

Pavel Malý

FluoTRAM is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie action project focused on developing the technique of fluorescence-detected transient absorption microscopy. It is based on the technique of Fluorescence-detected pump-probe spectroscopy, developed by us recently.

Currently, we are working on the implementation of the technique in the fluorescence microscope in our laboratory. The major steps are:

  • Spectral broadening in a photonic crystal fiber (see photo on my page)
  • Birefringent interferometer buildup to generate the probe pulse pair
  • Implementation of the pump and probe time delay using a delay stage
  • Coupling of the pulses into the fluorescence microscope

We welcome interested students to join!
To agree on a particular form of participation (project/thesis...) contact Pavel Malý.