RNDr. Pavel Malý, Ph.D.

Born:  Nov. 25, 1989
Affiliation:  Institute of Physics, Ke Karlovu 5
Room:  F276
Phone:  +420 951 551 316
Fax:  +420 224 922 797
E-mail:  maly (at)

Curiculum vitae:

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Current position

2022 – Assistent professor, PI Malý group
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
Coherently and fluorescence-detected ultrafast spectroscopy of complex molecular systems.


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Fields of interest and research experience:

Ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule spectroscopy, theory of open quantum systems.

!Open positions in the Malý group from 2024!

  1. Competitively funded postdoc position: Ultrafast spectroscopy of molecular systems
    Brief description

  2. Fully funded PhD positions in Biophysics or Optics: Ultrafast fluorescence microscopy, nonlinear multi-exciton spectroscopy, single-nanoobject spectroscopy, ...
    Project offer

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